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The Forest Part 1

Hank had no idea what was in the bag and he’d been warned not to open it. But Tom was taking forever and Hank became more and more curious. To distract himself, he began to ask questions. Where’s Tom? Is Tom in danger, he should have been here by now. Why shouldn’t I open the bag? Leaves rustled and Hank looked around worried. He was about to run when he saw his brother’s blonde hair. It couldn’t be David, he thought. It’s an illusion, David’s dead. Finally he noticed Tom. Slowly his mind made the connection, Tom was carrying David. What had Tom done? Why was he carrying their dead brother? “What did you do?” Hank asked in a stern, accusing whisper. Tom opened his mouth to speak, but Hank cut him off. “I can’t believe you”

“It’s not what  you think, I swear”

But Hank had already turned away, fleeing to the woods.

She Talks

“hey” I turn my head. She couldn’t be talking to me. She never talked to me, until now, my hands soaked with blood. She talks. finally I see it, the light they always told me was coming. It was nothing, there was no point to doing what I had done. It didn’t matter. She could say anything now, but it wouldn’t matter, what’s done is done. It didn’t matter.  She could talk about me, who I was, how I smiled and handed her a pencil the first day. But those lies don’t effect me here, they are just a whisper calling me back, but I will never go back. She could tell the truth. That was always an option. She could have taken the blame instead of shoving it off on me. Could have been nice as every one sees her, as I once saw her. The whisper calls me back, shrugging it off I refuse to go back to my body as they desperately try to “save” me. I am already dead, but they don’t know that. It is sweet at the end knowing that my true friends will be there in the back row, frozen in thought. Meanwhile she will be talking about how close we were and how kind I was. How she tried to help. To anyone that will listen, to cameras, and mourners, she will tell the story of how she tried to save me. They will nod, cry and greet her as a hero. Never will they know the truth.

Book World

When I read a particularly good book, I tend to pace, shout at characters or shout as a character, and when I reach an embarrassing part my cheeks turn pink and I have to put the book down. If I am reading and someone disturbs me, I become annoyed. Because( yes I know sentences shouldn’t start with because, and or but) while I am reading a book I am not here and most likely I am not me. Most likely I am in book world and inside the  story or I have become the main character.

This post is actually a recommendation for a book I just read, but I wanted to add the above.

Title: Drawing the Ocean

Author: Carolyn MacCullough

Genera: Realistic Fiction

Who should Read it? Girls, Age: Amazon says 7th grade and up or 12 to 17 years old, I think the book is great for everyone above 12. Ten is the lowest I would go if the reader is mature.

About: ” What I know. When the door opened and the wedge of light widened, you vanished. We were twelve. Part of me will be twelve forever. All of you will be”- from the book. Sadie’s twin brother died when they were twelve, yet she continues to see him. Moving to a new town and new high school can be hard, especially if you are the girl who talks to her dead brother. She paints her feelings about everything and holds the truth close to herself. Sadie hides her true self in order to fit in and be normal. But who does that make her? and is it who she wants to be?

Another summary( from paraphrased from the book):

A gifted painter, Sadie comes from California to Connecticut determined to fit in at her new school. Yet her first attempt at making friends in the new town backfires when she reaches out to the loner everyone calls Fryin’ Ryan, the very last person who can help her achieve her dream. And to further complicate matters, her twin brother, Ollie, keeps appearing to her, seeming to want something. Her twin brother, who died when they were twelve.
WARNING: This book is sad, I cried, but I am very emotional . There is also a high school party in the book, which involved beer and drugs. Also there are some teenage pranks.
Review(found at amazon, not complete review): Characters of every age come to life with vivid descriptions and dialogue that make this spare mood piece work. The pain of the parents who want to overprotect their last child, the friendly principal, Lila’s mother’s cryptic style that never masks her suffering, the sleazy coach who teaches driver’s ed, and even deadpan Lila’s uncharacteristic emotional outburst all fuel the fugue that is Sadie’s gradual connection to what truly matters to her.—Carol A. Edwards, Douglas County Libraries, Castle Rock, CO
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Other Notes:”Sad is happy for deep people”- Sally Sparrow, from Doctor Who episode Blink. That’s what this book is.

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Took this at a garden. I noticed that only one flower was in the picture. So I edited it, letting only the flower be in color and the outlining area. There is a reason behind the name, but telling it, to me is like explaining why a joke is funny.

New Year

For most people the new year is a time of looking forward to make improvements in your life. For me it is a time to reflect. I hope you all have a happy 2014, and I hope when reflecting on 2013 you don’t have any regrets. Happy New Year! 🙂

To be a writer

So I hear you want to write

but I must warn you

to write is to give a piece of yourself up

for people to judge as they will

to write is to show the world your thoughts

how it is that you think

To explain your weaknesses to a foe

To let the world know the truth


To write is to share

a dream with many

To release the sorrows

you hold deep inside

To find yourself

To overcome fear

To write is to give up boundaries

Lose the ties that hold you here

It is a chance to be free