Monthly Archives: June 2014


Look Up

This is beautiful, really makes you think.


It cuts you

but leaves no visible mark

you’re supposed to be fine

you’re supposed to be okay

You aren’t dead

You aren’t dying

Nothing is wrong with you

or so they claim


you have no fever

no cough

no sneeze

nothing is wrong

But you can feel it

as your stomach crunches in

as your head begins to spin


I’m fine

I’m fine

stubbornly you tell yourself

Or maybe you tell someone

and are told it will fade

it doesn’t, does it?

no it doesn’t


your life is as fake as a barbie

pretending everything is okay

forgetting for a minute that things have changed

until they slam back into you


You’re fine

You’re fine

It cuts you

drains you away

but don’t worry

cause you’re okay