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So my friends know that I have a blog. I give them stories that i post here, but i don’t give them my blog because i want to be able to post other things. Well one of them found my blog. He promised not to read it, but the views on my site went up to 7. I confronted him and he claims that he stopped after i told him to, but i got the 7th view after i told him not to. So I don’t maybe I am over reacting. I admit to having some trust issues when most of my friends talked behind my back and¬†manipulated me. But if I am not, well I don’t know what to do. I like this blog and I finally have a few views so I’ll stay. If he reads something, well let it be his own undoing.


A Bit About Me

I am a high school girl who plays the cello, writes, loves art and I am a bit crazy. I made this blog to find myself away from the opinion of society telling me who I should be. This blog will have some of my writings, thoughts, and my life. Feel free to kindly voice your opinion on anything. If you want to talk to me you can email, I may not respond right away because this isn’t my main email. Write me about anything, I know sometimes I just want to talk to a blogger about whatever, so feel free to talk to me.

Thanks for looking at my blog!


My longish distance( he lives in a town over) text dumped me. Which is fine, I was going to dump him, just wanted to do it in person. He and I were never close, just friends really. A guy that goes to my school told me that he liked me so I asked him out, and we went geocaching last Saturday. We’ll call him Caleb. Caleb really likes computers and is a total geek. I got him hooked on Doctor Who and he is trying to get me to like Star Wars.(Sorry to disappoint you guys, I don’t love Star Wars) Caleb and I have been really good friends the past two years, so we’ll see how this works out.