Monthly Archives: December 2014

Who am I?

Who am I? is a question teenagers are supposed to ask, but is there any real answer to it? We are supposed to go through a rebellious phase and a phase of phases(by that I mean we are supposed to try wearing contacts instead of glasses or wear a new style of clothing or get a hair cut, something different, and we try different things again and again to see what sticks or what we like) But how do you measure who a person is? How do you explain who they are? Do people not change based on the situation, do people not grow? And what becomes of the person we were? I can see a difference in my life-different traits that took over, but I still have all those traits-i haven’t really changed, the situation is what has changed and I have adapted to it. So the truth is the only way to know who you are is to know that you can’t, who you are can’t be measured or quantified, you’re you and that’s really all that matters.