Monthly Archives: May 2014


Why should you make rules

Why should I follow

Why can’t we compromise

Every day I make choices

I chose to control

I chose to do what I understand is right

Why is your opinion so much better

that mine cannot be spoken?


As you can probably guess i am having a bit of a problem with authority. It annoys me that people control things about me that don’t effect them. They threaten to take something away or to punish me, for what? I HAVEN’T COMMITTED A CRIME! I hate the feeling that someone is controlling me. Someone is always controlling me. OR the authority person does something and I can’t protest. Because I am weak and they can take every thing from me. They have my everything which gives them power, I just want to be human. I WANT TO COUNT! I am old enough to understand and make decisions. I am old enough that I don’t cry over every little thing. I am old enough that people should respect me as a person.


I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, I am not being abused. I am just tired of my opinion, my thoughts, and my side not being taken seriously and me not having the power to be taken seriously


If only I could explain how I feel If I could write a poem write a song or paint  But words can’t explain it music isn’t right and I can’t paint I keep trying to write how I feel because … Continue reading