Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Bunny

The teacher stood out in the hall, watching as the students walked by. It had rained that day and the screeching of the shoes on the tile floor was almost unbearable. He watched as the students went to lockers, grabbed books, and headed to class. An odd thought struck him as he watched; no one looked happy. He laughed at his bizarre thought and headed into his room. The students all sat quietly in their seats as he entered. “Today’s lesson is on,” he paused as he turned to his students. They all sat still, watching him. The teacher moved three paces to a table against the wall. He looked back to his students and who were the same as before, the same as always. Something was bothering him, what was it? Maybe he was sick. Yes, that was it. It had to be. It was the only explanation for this feeling he was having. Something felt off, wrong, but nothing appeared to be. “Last class of the day.” he muttered to himself. He could get through it, whatever it was. He looked down at the cage sitting on the table, and remembered his previous train of thought. Out of the cage, he lightly pulled a baby bunny rabbit. ┬áHe walked back to the center of the room. Gingerly, he held the tiny creature up for the class to see. his arms then brought the child closer to his chest and it snuggled against him for warmth. A hand scratched the bunny’s ears and made its way down to pet the neck. The man broke the rabbit’s neck in a second, quickly and without warning. He gazed to the class of motionless students.