Monthly Archives: July 2014


If the world was perfect
who would I be?
a famous author
with fans loyal to me
perhaps an athletic hero
to change from my status of being a zero
or maybe a cape and bright red tights
to keep the streets safe
each dangerous night
if the world was perfect
it just wouldn’t feel right
to be loved simply because I wanted to be
or to never know happiness
because I never would have known pain
so maybe this world is a perfect of sorts
giving us life
good, bad, and true
but if the world was perfect
what would you do?

Taking a Step Back

Have you ever watched a T.V. show or movie where the main character does something really stupid and it makes you cringe? But it is something that realistically you might do? You can have the insight that the boy is bad news when watching T.V. but when it comes to real life this thought vanishes. Recently I went to a program to become a better leader. We learned all of the different characteristics of being a leader and how we could improve as leaders. There was a lot of teamwork needed for things to run smoothly, and there was a ton of stress. We as future leaders had responsibilities to do. We had to clean, watch kids, set tables, paint, and other odd jobs here and there.
On top of all that we had each other to deal with. We were with each other for 2 weeks, and we lived in the same cabin. Not to mention the camping trip we took. (The first day it took us 3 hours to cook, eat, and wash dishes. While camping out we were on top of a hill that we had to hike up for every meal and down for the rest of the day’s activities.) It was hard to get along. One girl woke everyone up at 3am because she couldn’t find her sleeping bag, was she not sleeping in it? Another time a girl woke everyone up at 5am because she wanted to play a game. In the boy’s cabin one of the guys started a wax fire and almost burned the cabin down. Meanwhile, at the girl’s cabin a window was being broken. Tensions were high among our group and we started to assume the worst of each other. One guy just pointed out that so and so had entered the room and everyone got mad at him. They just assumed that he had said something rude. During all this chaos I was called a control freak. Which I will admit I can be at times. But I was still upset that she called me one, because I could not understand what I had done. Reflecting on the matter and getting some feedback from friends I realized that I hadn’t really done anything. It was just stress and I shouldn’t take it personally.
The experience I had changed my views on how to act. *First of all you can’t be offended by what someone says if it isn’t true. Second just because you’re okay with something doesn’t mean that everyone else will be okay with it an you need to be sensitive to their feelings. Third, this might seem obvious but you need to listen to what people are saying and try to understand their view. Be willing to accept advice and criticism, if it applies. Fourth treat everyone equally even if they are your friend, your friend might be wrong in some situations and if you aren’t there to help them understand and take a step back, then you aren’t being a good friend. This also is reverse, don’t always assume someone you dislike is wrong. 5th no double standards. I learned to take a step away from everything and to try to see things without bias. Sometimes you need to step back and relax to truly understand a matter.

*These aren’t in a particular order