Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Beauty of People

I find two things very funny about beauty
1. Different cultures have different ideals of what beauty is and those ideals change over time.
2. Anyone can make themselves look “beautiful” with makeup and surgery, so how do using those means to “improve” yourself do anything but make you less special? Why do you want to be beautiful? So that people will like you? If that’s what makes them like you, they aren’t worth your time. To be confident? If you can’t be confident as yourself, how can you be confident as someone else?

You know it’s funny, sometimes I look in the mirror and think that I am hideous. I wonder how people could ever care for someone as hideous as me, but they do. Then I remember that I don’t notice my friend’s uncontrollable hair anymore, nor my friend’s cleft lip. These are things that whenever I mention to someone else, that doesn’t know my friend, they use to define my friend. Funny isn’t it that I no longer notice? So really, what do looks matter if there are people who care about you that can’t even see them. The only one who sees your “faults” is you, everyone else should only see a person. I think sometimes we forget that, that others are people too.*

*To clarify what I am saying here is that everyone has flaws and most of the time they can be understanding of other people’s flaws because they are flawed as well. Thus, others don’t notice flaws, they only see the person. Except a few people, who you really don’t want to hang out with anyways because he/she thinks that he/she is better than everyone else.

This post was inspired by and I highly encourage you to read this post.