The Forest Part 1

Hank had no idea what was in the bag and he’d been warned not to open it. But Tom was taking forever and Hank became more and more curious. To distract himself, he began to ask questions. Where’s Tom? Is Tom in danger, he should have been here by now. Why shouldn’t I open the bag? Leaves rustled and Hank looked around worried. He was about to run when he saw his brother’s blonde hair. It couldn’t be David, he thought. It’s an illusion, David’s dead. Finally he noticed Tom. Slowly his mind made the connection, Tom was carrying David. What had Tom done? Why was he carrying their dead brother? “What did you do?” Hank asked in a stern, accusing whisper. Tom opened his mouth to speak, but Hank cut him off. “I can’t believe you”

“It’s not what  you think, I swear”

But Hank had already turned away, fleeing to the woods.


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