Unfinished Thoughts

These are thoughts that I had today. There isn’t enough to write about each one by themselves.

1. Seriously? You said this quiz would be easy, it’s fill in the blank with no word bank, if I didn’t have experience in this I would be totally lost.

2. Notes! Notes! Where did they go? Nargles!

3. Can you walk? I know it’s hard but I would like to get to class before the bell. MOVE IT!

4. Fractions as exponents, because I’m not paranoid the world really is out to get me

5. I really like math, as long as I only have to do one problem.

6. Why is the other class, which is supposed to be the same class, doing easier work? Can I transfer back to that class? I have no idea what is going on here. This is really unfair they get the same credit and less work.

7. How can a teacher force me to sell things… Is this not illegal?

8. How can a teacher force me to pay money to enter a contest I don’t want to enter?

9. I feel like this should be a list of ten

10. People! Must hide blog


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