To Remember Part One

“She’s 17 she should have remembered by now, at least there should be some sign”

“It’s just taking longer this time, that’s all”

“What if something is wrong?”

“So what if it is? She isn’t hurt and there aren’t any clues as to what could be causing this. We have no choice but to wait for something to happen.”

“We’ve been waiting her whole life for something to happen, I am tired of waiting for a shoe to drop, and what if it never does? What will happen the next time she awakens? Or will she ever awaken again at all?”

“Still, it changes nothing, there is nothing we can do.”

“We could try to do something”

“Like what? We’ve run every test and researched for years. We’re experts, this has never happened. We have to hope that nothing has happened.”

“She’s our daughter, we can’t just leave her!”

“We are not leaving her.”

“We might as well.”

“Don’t you ever say that.”

The two women stand talking in the room unaware they are being watched.


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