If the world was perfect
who would I be?
a famous author
with fans loyal to me
perhaps an athletic hero
to change from my status of being a zero
or maybe a cape and bright red tights
to keep the streets safe
each dangerous night
if the world was perfect
it just wouldn’t feel right
to be loved simply because I wanted to be
or to never know happiness
because I never would have known pain
so maybe this world is a perfect of sorts
giving us life
good, bad, and true
but if the world was perfect
what would you do?


2 responses to “Perfection

  1. Honestly, this isn’t very good. It’s more like my rambling thoughts on perfection. I mean, if everything was perfect, how would you know? wouldn’t there always be something more, if not, would you really be happy, when life has always been good, how could you appreciate it?

  2. I wrote something about perfection the other day and I felt the same way you did…like what I was saying wasn’t making any sense, yet in my mind i knew. Just a bunch of words, on retrospect…that’s what I thought after writing it

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