“Alice,” Margret shook her sister, but it was no use. They had been trying to catch Alice’s Rabbit, Time, when she had fallen into a hole and hit her head. Alice’s blue dress was caked with mud, it soak through to Alice’s skin, yet she didn’t wake. The sirens came and went. Margret stayed as though Alice had never left. Finally her father made her stand and go home. She pretended her sister was on an adventure. Margret came up with stories of caterpillars and tea parties, Alice had always liked tea parties. She would make up occasions, just to have a tea party. In Wonderland as Margret began to call it, there was always a tea party waiting for Alice. Disappearing cats and evil queens enough to keep Alice busy, she was such a curious girl, solving one thing and moving on to the next. Finally, Alice woke up in Margret’s lap, Wonderland a mere dream.


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