Don’t Think About It

Her eyes dash about each way

Her lips start to move


there is nothing to say


Her red-gold hair is twisted

Her mind falls back

onto old thoughts



that was before


Her spine shivers

Her knees grow weak


don’t think


Her head continues the thought

the future of the past

the past itself


only despair


Her eyes grow wet

Her heart grows cold




Her hands tremble

As she darts around


should it be found?


Too late to think

The book is grabbed

Opened to the memories

Her fingers find a pencil

Her hands find paper

She tries to explain




Her arms find her knees

so does her head

Her mind utters the words

that should have been said



There is no time machine

No golden talk to make everything right

Just You

Just Me

and I’m losing the fight


One response to “Don’t Think About It

  1. This is a poem I have been working on. My teacher says the rhymes distract from the poem and need to follow a pattern or to just get rid of the rhymes. So I cut out some rhymes but left the ones I really liked- I wasn’t even trying to rhyme the words just flowed. I want your opinions so please post in comments! 🙂

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